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Franchise Services

A productive franchise development campaign hinges on a company’s ability to define the right franchise buyer and commit to the recruitment of that buyer. All phases of the franchise recruitment process need to be committed to this goal of the ideal franchisee recruitment. Good franchise system valuation are great at selling, Great franchise marketing systems are great at qualifying buyers. FranOption Franchise sales believes in the idea of awarding franchise units, not selling them and with your input, we believe we can create the strategies built around your growth goals to AWARD, not SELL franchises to the right candidates.

Outsourced Franchise Sales and Franchise Management – What does it Mean?

Outsourced franchise sales is where a company like FranOption takes over your franchise development work and manages the franchise sales efforts directly. The Outsourced Franchise Sales model is unique from a franchise broker effort in that we represent YOU, the Franchisor, where a broker represents the buyer.

FranOption is a direct franchise sales company meaning that we place your ads, drive your sales activity and create results for a franchise brand in a dedicated effort. The relationship could be compared to your hiring an in-house sales professional without the overhead, expenses and management responsibilities that come with in-house staff.

With that said, our model is completely non-exclusive and allows you to hire staff or work with other franchise brokers alongside our sales and development efforts. We can manage the broker networks for you and manage each deal in the network brings to the table.

Part of our skills set is that we understand DIRECT franchise sales and INDIRECT franchise sales. We have existing relationships with the broker networks and are committed to working wth the broker networks and in exchange for that commitment. We have secured special rates that we can pass along to you.

We manage your sales effort in our custom built CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Our CRM will provide a weekly reporting of lead status and opportunities created. CRM seats are available for you and/or your team as part of our team approach.

Franchisor Funding Sources –

FranOption Franchise Sales has relationships with financing sources and funding options related to supporting your franchisees purchasing franchise locations from you. Your franchisees have opportunities to put the needed capital together and invest in your brand through our strategic relationships with funding partners. We can help you present like an established and proven franchise brand with our efficient franchise lending solutions.

Franchise Advertising Research –

FranOption Franchise Sales will help you research and understand your market so that you know the most effective way to go to market and build your franchise network. Our goal is to build a franchise marketing system that not only generates a high quantity of leads and opportunities, but also high quality leads for the right franchise buyers. We have a wide variety of franchise lead generation sources and channels, let our experience and time in the franchise industry help you develop the best franchise advertising strategy for your brand.

Franchise Industry Knowledge –

FranOption Franchise Sales will provide you with expertise related to the best practices for franchise sales and franchise recruitment.

Franchise System Valuation –

FranOption Franchise Sales will work with franchisors to develop and build valuations for existing franchise systems. We are happy to review your current franchise marketing and sales systems and provide input into whether there is opportunity improve, change or alter your current franchise sales strategies. Our team of consultants has experience in managing franchise sales teams and developing franchise sales strategies in all sizes of franchise organizations and in a wide variety of franchise industry segment. This includes supporting franchisor valuations, business planning and franchise feasibility studies.

Dealer Sales –

FranOption Franchise Sales will assist in marketing and selling dealer programs to develop dealership networks for growing brands.

Franchise Strategy and Negotiation –

FranOption Franchise Sales works with franchisors to close franchise sales and finalize franchise transactions with leads. This is done through discovery day management, attendance at closings and FDD reviews. Although we are not attorneys and may not provide legal advice, we have years of experience navigating the Franchise Disclosure Document and can help ensure that franchisees fully understand the agreement and are given ample time/direction to understand the terms and conditions of the franchise relationship they are entering into prior to signing and mitigating much of the liability associated with franchise sales.

Franchise Industry Research –

FranOption Franchise Sales will research and review the franchise industry for best practices in order to develop the most efficient franchise expansion strategies.

Franchise Sales –

FranOption Franchise Sales will oversee the review and audit of a franchise sales program for a franchisor.

Feasibility Study –

FranOption Franchise Sales works with businesses and franchisors to develop market and feasibility studies for how to best go to market.

International Franchise Development –

FranOption Franchise Sales has worked with International franchise programs from Europe to Canada to the Middle East. If your franchise organization is considering expansion into other parts of the world, we can help develop a International franchise program that would allow for this type of growth.

Retail Strategy and Positioning –

Assisted in a retail price comparison and positioning study for a multi-billion dollar retailer looking to refine retail strategy.

Unit Valuation and Unit Sale –

Assisted a franchise company planning on selling company operations with the valuation of existing operations and the development of a company-unit sales strategy.

Franchise System Valuation –

FranOption Franchise Sales will work with franchisors to develop and build valuations for existing franchise systems.

Expert Witness –

FranOption Franchise Sales will serve as an expert witness and in franchise litigation for franchisors and franchisees.

Legal Consulting – Disclosure Documents, Franchise Registrations, and Renewals

New Franchise Systems. As a new franchise organization, you probably are asking yourself the question, “I need someone to sell my franchises.” If you’re asking that question then you will want and need the consulting and leadership of experienced franchise marketing and sales professionals. FranOption Franchise Sales will be making the calls and helping you give your best impression when meeting and speaking with franchise buyers.


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