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Our Difference

Outsourced Franchise Sales and Franchise Brokers – We do BOTH

Outsourced Franchise Sales and Franchise Management – What does it mean?

Outsourced franchise sales is where a company like FranOption takes over your franchise development work and manages the franchise sales efforts directly. The Outsourced Franchise Sales model is unique from a franchise broker effort in that we represent YOU, the Franchisor, where a broker represents the buyer.

FranOption is a direct franchise sales company meaning that we place your ads, drive your sales activity, and create results for a franchise brand in a dedicated effort. The relationship could be compared to hiring an in-house sales professional without the overhead, expenses, and management responsibilities that come with in-house staff.

With that said, our model is completely non-exclusive and allows you to hire staff or work with other franchise brokers alongside our sales and development efforts. We can manage the broker networks for you and manage each deal the network brings to the table.

Part of our skill set is that we understand both DIRECT franchise sales and INDIRECT franchise sales. We have existing relationships with the broker networks and are committed to working with the broker networks and in exchange for that commitment. We have secured special rates that we can pass along to you.

We manage your sales effort in our custom-built CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Our CRM will provide a weekly report of lead status and opportunities created. CRM seats are available for you and/or your team as part of our team approach.